Aluminum Salt Slag Recycling, Spent Pot Liner Recycling & Dross Recovery

Ultromex is a metals technology company offering patented solutions to the aluminum recycling industry.  Our technolgy is the most effective method for smelters offering aluminum salt slag recycing, spent pot lining recycling and aluminum recovery from dross.



The new technologies developed by Ultromex for the Aluminum Industry are the new state of the art for smelters seeking to treat:


  • Salt Slag (salt cake) 

  • Spent Pot Liner

  • Dross


Our 2 step process recovers high levels of aluminium from salt slag (salt cake) and drosses, recovers salt for reuse, renders toxic spent pot liners and other non metals into inert materials which can be used in a range of commercially valuable applications. 


  • STEP ONE is a multi-purpose plant, which uses our unique technology to downsize and separate the metal from the non-metallics in dross, spent pot liner or salt slag. The metal is liberated cleanly delivering maximum economic benefit for the operator leaving the residual non metallic particles (NMP) suitable for treatment in the second step.


  • STEP TWO is a wet process which separates out the salt for reuse and renders the non-metallics totally inert for a variety of potential applications including, for spent pot liners, re use in aluminum production.


Our process presents best econmic value for smelters who get maximum aluminum recovery, salt recovery and inert residual NMP which is suitable for a variety of commercial applications. Even better, our technologies are deployed at your facility, meaning you never have to send this material to expensive third parties for processing.


If you would like to calculate the savings that could potentially be achieved through our technology, click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact a member of the team.


Spent Pot Linings


Our brand new process for Spent Pot Lining recycling is the first to recover all the carbon spent pot lining and render it fit for 100% reuse in the aluminum industry; contact us or check back soon for further updates on this emerging technology.

Other Technologies


Ultromex offers a range of technologies and expertise in other metal and recycling industries including the recovery of metals from printed circuit boards, automotive catalysts and cathode ray tubes.



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