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Our Technologies

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+44 (0)151 203 8377


Our Other Technologies

We have a number of recycling and recovery technologies at various stages of technical development

PCB / Circuit Board Recycling

In March 2011 Ultromex began researching the recovery of metals from PCBs in collaboration with Itri Innovation Ltd (a subsidiary of ITRI, the international tin industry organisation) and in January 2012, following successful research and development, the two companies formed a joint venture, Itrimex.

The Itrimex process extracts metals at high concentrations and recoveries, ensuring that maximum returns are achieved from the final refining stage. It is simple and cost-effective and can treat any grade and type of scrap boards (low, medium and high grade).

Designed to be a ‘front-end’ process that strips all the components from the CB, it removes all the metals directly connected to the PCB and recovers those from solution. The components are either sold on to an existing recycling company or the Itrimex process forms a new first stage of an existing recycling process. By adding a new revenue stream to the existing recycling process we are able to eliminate the need for mechanical separation of boards and components.             

The Itrimex process recovers 98.5+% of gold and palladium and is also able to recover the lead, copper, tin and silver, all of which remain unrecovered when a smelting process is used. Lower energy use and less carbon emissions make our process a more environmentally friendly alternative.