Ultromex Facilities

We are well equipped to help the Auminium Smelting Industry solve its challenging waste problems!

Alumumium industry wastes including salt slags, spent pot liner and drosses ae generally classed as hazardous because of their potential to react with water, even moisture in the air, to create toxic and explosive gases. Moreover, they are highly variable from smelter to smelter and batch to batch.

In order to treat or even safely store these wastes where there is a potential for hydrolysis reactions to occur it is essential to be able to charcterise them physically & chemically to understand the risks and hazards involved.

In addition to our own offices, factory and laboratory facilities located near Liverpool in the UK, we have well established links with Universities at Chester and Liverpool. This give us access to highly specialised expertise & equipment and helps to develop new technologies and methods to help aluminium smelters. In turn we provide real world experience for under graduates: some of whom go on to join join our growing team of chemists, engineers and project managers.


We are based near Liverpool in the UK and we operate worldwide.

At our head office facility we have full office, factory and laboratory facilities. We have video conferencing to keep in touch with customers, partners & personnel working worldwide.


We have our own dedicated 11,000 Sq Ft (950 M2) fully equipped factory unit where we can build, test and demonstrate equipment and where we can trial customers materials if required. Our engineers are available to advise customers on processing methods and equipment specifications.

We also pre-assemble plant and equipment prior delivery to customers' site where required.


We have 2 on-site, fully equipped laboratories with the required analtical equipment for both pysical & chemical testing on solids & liquids. We have capability for ICP, XRF, XRD and mobile XRF analysis plus gas evolution assessments, all done safely within our vented fume cupboards. We have a team of qualified & experienced chemists.

Ultromex Limited 

Mersey Wharf Business Park
Dock Road South
Bromborough, Wirral
CH62 4SF
United Kingdom

Registered in England
Company no 07661552


Email: sales@ultromex.com
Phone: +44 0151 203 8377

Our Technologies

> Salt slag recycling & treatment
> Salt cake recycling & treatment
> Salt slag land fill remediation
> Spent pot liner recycling &    treatment
> Dross pre treatment


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