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Ultromex introduces TERRAMEX a fully managed service using our technology for remediating aluminium smelting wastes stored in mono-filled landfills, including salt slag (salt cake), spent pot liners & aluminium drosses and to rehabilitate the site for future use. 

If you have a landfill which is causing geo-environmental problems or concerns we can fully remediate it, so that it will never cause problems again. Our scope can include full scale groundworks and excavations, waste treatment, reconstruction and re-instatement.

Remediation & consultancy services for previously landfilled or stored aluminium smelting wastes 

In the past regulations governing the landfilling of many industrial wastes, including aluminium smelting wastes, were not as stringent as they are today and so aluminium production wastes were frequently sent to landfill.

Now in many parts of the world, including the EU, many parts of the Middle East and the Americas, land filling of these wastes is prohibited.

But there are still many hundreds of landfills in existance which were created before the stricter controls were applied and which contain hazardous and toxic aluminum wastes including salt slag (salt cake), aluminum skimmings & drosses and spent pot liner.

When these materials come into contact with moisture they hydrolyse initiating exothermic reactions evolving toxic, explosive and malodourous gases. 

There are also many instances where these landfills are now causing significant geo-environmetal problems; leaching soluble salts and other contaminants into the surrounding ground & watercourses.

In some cases, because of the exothermic nature of the materials involved, underground hotspots and fires have been burning for years. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent spent to patch up these toxic time bombs. 

Ultromex has developed TERRAMEX to fully remediate such landfills, removing and treating the toxic aluminum wastes thus eliminating the risks for the present and future generations and restoring the site for other uses.

We offer a full service including full scale earthworks and excavations, waste treatment uisng our patented technologies and then reconstruction and reinstatement of the site.

If you have a problem with a salt slag / salt cake landfill or a landill or store containing salt slag, aluminium dross or spent pot liner we can help resolve the problem PERMANENTLY!     

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