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About Ultromex

Ultromex provides vital technologies to the aluminium smelting industry to help it deal with its production wastes.

Ultromex provides vital technologies to the aluminium smelting industry to help it deal with its production wastes.

These wastes are often hazardous and difficult to treat, so effective and sustainable ways to deal with them are vital to the industry and to society, which relies on aluminium for many thousands of useful products.

These wastes have in the past been landfilled and where regulations and good practice now prevent this, large centralised processing facilities have been built to treat the wastes. These plants are expensive to build and operate and mean that hazardous wastes have to be transported long distances and often crossing international borders.

Effective yet economic technologies whereby smaller scale, local plants enabling smelters to treat their own wastes and recover the valuable components have long been a goal for the industry.
Ultromex was founded in 2011 by a team with extensive experience in the chemicals industry, metals recovery, plant design and construction sectors. The aims of the company were to develop new technologies to manage metals industry production wastes.

Focusing on wastes from aluminium production, the company has developed a number of innovative technology-based solutions starting from proof of concept through to prototyping and now full-scale commercial plants.

The present offerings to the aluminium industry are the result of many years of hard work by the team, supported by their Investors and Innovate UK. Indeed, the team have won several Innovate UK grant funded projects in order to accelerate development of these valuable technologies.

The team has grown to include professionals and experts from a wide range of disciplines to place Ultromex in a unique position to serve the aluminium industry. Meet the Team.

The Ultromex approach helps to reduce landfill and cuts the carbon footprint of the smelting operation by reducing the need to transport and sometimes export waste materials to other facilities for treatment and recycling, whilst at the same time significantly improving operational security, profit margins and bottom-line profits.

Our R&D and innovation program remains very active, both to continually improve our existing technologies but also to develop and bring new ones to market.

"Our mission is to be a partner to the aluminium industry, giving it the opportunity to take more operational control yet at the same time helping to eliminate waste, drive down costs and increase revenues for our customers”.
Nigel Seddon CEO

Ultromex Limited 

Mersey Wharf Business Park
Dock Road South
Bromborough, Wirral CH62 4SF
Tel: 0151 203 8377
Email: sales@ultromex.com

Registered in England
Company no 07661552


Email: sales@ultromex.com
Phone: +44 0151 203 8377

Our Technologies

> Salt slag recycling & treatment
> Salt cake recycling & treatment
> Salt slag land fill remediation
> Spent pot liner recycling & treatment
> Dross pre treatment
> Leaded glass recycling
> PCB circuit board recycling


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