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Aluminium Dross Recycling


Ultromex technology to pre treat aluminium drosses for recycling before charging the furnace to increase yields and profits

ALTROMEX enables smelters who are melting drosses to significantly increase throughput, yields, efficiency and profit.

Our Altromex plant, optimised for your input streams, is used to pre-treat aluminium drosses for recycling before charging the furnace offers significant benefits. Our plant cleanly removes the metal bound up in the oxides without loss to fines and with no impact to yields:

Using ALTROMEX to pre treat your drosses in this way means:-

  • More furnace capacity - Increases effciency and throughput
  • Cost Savings - Avoid wasting energy heating on non metal contaminants 
  • Use less flux/create less slag - Having a richer metal mix means less salt flux is required AND therefore much less salt slag waste is produced
  • Increased yields - Our experience shows that pre-treatment in this way increases metal recoveries and - crucially - increases your capability to economically treat more drosses, even lower quality drosses with your existing capacity.

See how much Altromex can benefit your operation


Ultromex Limited 

Mersey Wharf Business Park
Dock Road South
Bromborough, Wirral
CH62 4SF
United Kingdom

Registered in England
Company no 07661552


Email: sales@ultromex.com
Phone: +44 0151 203 8377

Our Technologies

> Salt slag recycling & treatment
> Salt cake recycling & treatment
> Salt slag land fill remediation
> Spent pot liner recycling &    treatment
> Dross pre treatment


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