Salt Cake Recycling

Introducing SALTROMEX a new way to recover valuable metal, salts and saleable oxides from salt cake waste

Salt cake is an unavoidable waste product from the secondary aluminum smelting.

It is a hazardous waste stream with landfill banned in many counties. Treatment options to remediate salt cake are few; those that are available are expensive. However, the salt cake can contain between 4% and 12 % of recoverable aluminum metal, plus potentially recoverable flux salts and with Ultromex SALTROMEX technology it is now feasible treat it yourself. 

  • Maximum metal Recovery - No other technology can come close to the amount of metal that can be recovered from salt cake. Our technology is unique in cleanly extracting the oxide bound aluminium, without creating metal fines as other crushing methods would.
  • Safety and operational ease from the outset - Treating salt cakes to remove the solubles will cause malodorous, toxic and explosive gases to evolve. Our system mediates these so that the process is safe and non odorous.
  • Sound investment - Our system is designed to be Low Capex & Low Opex. This combined with savings from external disposal solutions, plus value from metal and salt recoveries mean a fast payback return on investment is possible. 

A New Approach to salt cake management

Presently smelters' send their salt cake to third parties for processing or landfill it if allowed. However, this is often expensive and the value of the metal bound up in the cake benefits the third party if they can recover it. Often final disposal of the slag may not environmentally friendly or sustainable. Landfilling this hazardous waste is inceasingly being banned or becoming prohibitively expensive

SALTROMEX technology allows for an in-situ solution, meaning all of the waste salt slag can be treated at your site, recovering the aluminum for re-melt and the flux salts for re use and producing re-salable by products. 

Historically, mechanical methods for metal recovery from salt cake using ball and hammer mills are inneficient and destructive, smashing the metal into fines which cannot then be economically re-melted. And the residual non metallic particles (NMP) are still a problem being reactive and high in salts. 

Ultromex developed the SALTROMEX technology to cleanly separate aluminum metal from the slag meaning recoveries can be of up to 99% of of the metal particles >0.5mm, with little in the way of residual fines. A secondary thermo chemical process then treats the residual NMP to remove and recover the valuable flux salts making them available for re-use, leaving the remaining non metallic oxides non-reactive and odour free. These can be landfilled as inert or non hazardous, or being largely aluminum oxides, become saleable products for use as secondary rescoures in the manufacture of other products. 

To evaluate the benefits of treating your salt cake


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