Working hard to ensure sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

As a light weight metal and one that can be remelted and re used almost infinitely, it is easy to argue that production and use of aluminium and its alloys should be encouraged.

A complication arises, however, in that aluminium smelting, both primary and secondary, gives rise to a number of problematic, hazardous waste streams. These wastes if not treated properly can cause harm to the environment and to human health.

Ultromex exists to help the aluminium smelting industry deal with these wastes sustainably and cost effectively.  Sustainability is core to our strategy and is integrated into everything we do to assist our customers.  

Our technologies are intended to handle wastes as they arise during production, where they have been previously land filled or stockpiled and to help rehabilitate land when smelting operations have come to an end.   

Our approach is to aim for zero to land fill, making valuable secondary rescources from what was once hazardous wastes and thereby supporting and encouraging the circular economy. 


Ultromex Limited 

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Our Technologies

> Salt slag recycling & treatment
> Salt cake recycling & treatment
> Salt slag land fill remediation
> Spent pot liner recycling & treatment
> Dross pre treatment


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