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The Team at Ultromex

Ultromex has assembled a team of talented, experienced individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds, who have combined their expertise to solve problems associated with difficult waste streams arising during aluminium smelting.

“Our aim is to eliminate waste, drive down costs and increase revenues for our customers in the Aluminium Smelting Industry…”

Here are some of the Ultromex team:-

20 years experience as CEO of multinational chemical manufacturing companies, delivering large-scale commercial change projects. 

Nigel Seddon 
Director & CEO

30 years of commercial, financial & operational experience in managing high growth SME's and funding innovation led projects and companies. More than 10 years focussed in the waste & recycling sectors. 

Jim Lavin
Director & CFO

Former Chief Operating Officer with Veolia Environmental Services one of the largest UK waste & environmental management companies. Tom is a Chartered Environmentalist and holds a MSc in Strategic Management.

Tom Spaul
Director & Chairman

A Mechanical Engineer in chemical & related processing industries. Specialism in identifying & implementing improvement strategies in diverse manufacturing companies. Michael holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Michael Glass
Pojects Director

30 years experience at global chemicals specialist, Johnson Matthey. Track record of inventing and developing novel chemical approaches to solve a range of industrial waste and recovery problems.  

Harry Middleton
Senior Research Chemist

A chemist with more than 15 years experience in speciality chemical manufacture and 10 years experience within Hazardous Waste Treatment in Production and Site Management positions. Developed processes to remediate a variety of waste streams.

Nick Lofthouse
Poject Manager 

A breadth of experience in sourcing and logistics for chemical & process industries combined with expertise in the regulations governing hazardous wastes.

Carol Dalziel
Senior Administrator 

A highly experienced engineer involved with a wide variety of process and waste remediation plant builds. 

Tim Smith
Chief Engineer

Experienced project manager for R&D and Innovation projects. Karen is also involved in our marketing & business development activities.

Karen Taylor
Innovation Projects Manager

Over 30 years experience as a lab chemist and in QC management with Ennovor Biofuels and Lubrizol Chris heads up the laboratory and analytical team.

Chris Evans
Senior Laboratory Chemist

An expert in developing and implementing metals separation technologies, recovery and recyling solutions for a wide range of metals, plastics and other materials.

Ian Murray

Joined the team as a recent graduate in Chemical Engineering from Chester University as part of our graduate training scheme.

Joe Hughes
Chemical Engineer

An experienced project manager with a specialism in fluid separation technolgies.

Thibault Denis
Project Manager

A Chemical Engineer with more than 20 years experience in high hazard, high volume chemical manufacture in Production and Site Management positions. A track record in identifying and implementing Operational strategies to improve process efficiencies & performance

Matt Dex
Project Manager