Unique technology to recover metal from slags and drosses 

Ultromex's remarkable ALTROMEX technology for separating metal from slags & drosses uses no crushing, milling or grinding, creates no fines and so recovers the maximum amount of metal possible for remelting.

Using traditional crushing, milling or grinding equipment to break down slags & dross inevitably looses a considerable amounts of the metal to unrecoverable fines.

ALTROMEX works in completely different way to these approaches, creating no fines and recovering the maximium amount of valuable metal possible leaving the remaining non metalics in a form suitable for further treatment if desired.

This enhanced metal recovery adds considerably to the economic attractiveness of our metal recovery approach. Further, ALTROMEX uses about ~30% of the energy of crushing and milling equipment and has relatively low maintenance costs (based on data from plants we have operating in the field for close to 3 years).

A further benefit of our super effective metal recovery is that the remaining non metallics have significantly less reactivity potential, given that the amount free alumium fine particles are a major element to reactivity and gas evolution. 

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Our Technologies

> Salt slag recycling & treatment
> Salt cake recycling & treatment
> Salt slag land fill remediation
> Spent pot liner recycling & treatment
> Dross pre treatment


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